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Local Resources - Civic Education

Illinois Civic Blueprint

The Civic Blueprint for Illinois High Schools was designed to give educators, policymakers, parents, and all residents of Illinois:

  • Explanations of promising approaches to high school level civic learning
  • Examples of Illinois high schools, educators, and students using these approaches
  • Recommendations for implementing these approaches in high schools throughout Illinois
  • Resources that support schools and communities in promoting civic engagement among Illinois high school students


WSIU P.S. Illinois Curriculum

WSIU proudly presents P.S. Illinois: The Paul Simon Collection, a set of multimedia social studies resources honoring the life and legacy of the late Paul Simon. 

The collection is designed to complement United States and Illinois Government, World and American History, Current Events, Journalism, Geography and General Social Studies courses in high schools and middle schools.

The collection features clips from WSIU’s television documentary, P.S. Illinois: The Paul Simon Story, and excerpts from The Essential Paul Simon: Timeless Lessons for Today’s Politics by Dr. John S. Jackson.