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Pizza and Politics

What is Pizza and Politics?

Sign up for Pizza and Politics at the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, the site for politics on the SIU Carbondale campus.

"Pizza and Politics" are open events, primarily targeted for students, to engage in a free-flowing discussion led by an expert, professor, or political/media figure on an important issue or careers in politics, public service, or advocacy. Pizza is provided, the event is very informal.  Questions are encouraged and speakers have been known to go “off-record” from time to time.

Dates and times will vary, depending on the schedule of our guests. We try for late afternoons, so it doesn’t conflict with most classes or evening activities.

If you are on our invitation list, we’ll send you a note about each session. You are welcome to attend all of them or only a few. This isn’t a class. No homework. No grades. Just politics and a little food.

To get on the invitation list, please e-mail Cary Day at or call her at 618-453-4008.