Institute Internships

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There are several internship opportunities available through the Institute.

Institute interns work closely with their placement office to aid in research, office support and programming. Interns will gain real world experience and knowledge in public service, as well as in their field of interest and several networking opportunities.

All of the internships are available to undergraduate and graduate students.  All internship positions are paid, except for the Social Work Internship. Each internship has a different deadline throughout the year. Please look at deadlines in advance for top priority in placement for the applicable semester.  


How Do I Apply?

To apply, please fill out our Student Opportunties Application

You may bring the application to the Institute (How Do I Contact/Find the Institute) or send it by email with the directions below.

To send by email:

  1. Save PDF to desktop, fill out your information.
  2. Save edited PDF and add as an email attachment.
  3. Send to