Social Work Internship

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Social work students can develop their macro method skills in areas of policy development, community education, legislative advocacy and grant writing. Interns will gain experience in event organization and communication skills to engage with various local, state and national officials.

Interns can also collaborate with local non-profit organizations and represent the social work profession at an assortment of events hosted by the Institute.

Eligibility: Any student majoring in social work can apply. Students fulfilling the requirement for their baccalaureate field practicum may have the option of splitting their hours with another organization.

Details: Internships require students to be available for hours every week and are unpaid. Placement is coordinated by the Institute and the School of Social Work.

How Do I Apply?

To apply, please fill out our Student Opportunities Application. 

You may bring the application to the Institute (How Do I Contact/Find the Institute) or send it by email with the directions below.

To send by email:

  1. Save PDF to desktop, fill out your information.
  2. Save edited PDF and add as an email attachment.
  3. Send to