VInce Demuzio Internship Program

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2013 - 2014 Demuzio Interns

The Vince Demuzio Governmental Internship Program provides SIU Carbondale students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience working in state agencies and other government offices while working toward their undergraduate degrees. The internship program strives to make public policy an attractive career path and better teach students how government works. Students have been placed in the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, the Illinois Departments of Employment Security, Human Services, and Transportation, the Clyde Choate Mental Health and Development Center, and SIU’s Dunn-Richmond Economic Development Center and Governmental Relations Office.

How Do I Apply?

This program offered through the Paul Simon Institute provides 1-2 paid internship opportunities to SIU Carbondale undergraduate students interested in professional careers in politics and with state government. Students from all academic backgrounds who have reached junior status (i.e., completed fifty-six hours of course work) are invited to apply to the program. Dr. John Jackson supervises all Demuzio interns. 

You also may bring your application to the Institute (How Do Contact The Institute?) and meet with Dr. John Jackson or email him at