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2017 Summer Event Schedule

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Monday & Tuesday, June 26 & 27 @ 8 am - 4 p.m. The Civic, Standards and News Literacy Workshop for Educators
Dunn-Richmond Economic Development Center
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Past Events

01.26.17 - Pizza and Politics with Illinois Rep. Will Guzzardi
02.16.17 - Pizza and Politics: Decoding the Illinois Budget with Jak Tichenor, Professors Linda Baker and John Jackson
03.03.17 - The Jeanne Hurley Simon Lecture with Tequia Hicks-Delgado 
03.10.17 - Illinois School Funding Fairness Conference
03.23.17 - Conference on Children In Poverty
03.28.17 - Pizza and Politics: The Simon Poll Brief Presentation
04.08.17 - Youth Government Day
04.12.17The Morton-Kenney Public Affairs Lecture with Professor John Sides
04.20.17 -
Meet Your Lawmakers
05.04.17 - Former Gov. Jim Edgar, "Reflecting on 20 Years of the Paul Simon Institute"