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08/02/22 - Heartland political expert weighs in on Speaker Pelosi's trip to Taiwan
07/26/22 - Traditional Labor Day kickoff to fall political campaigns now ‘obsolete,’ says SIU prof
07/21/22 - Illinois has a 'culture of corruption,' Simon Institute speaker says
06/30/22 - Eye On Illinois: Overcoming misperception goes beyond sharing facts
06/30/22 - Mary Miller trumps Rodney Davis
06/29/22 - Paul Simon Institute's John Shaw: Low voter turnout in primaries should concern everyone
06/29/22 - It was a 'big night for the hard right': John Jackson analyzes the 2022 IL primary
06/29/22 - Experts weigh in on primary election results and what to expect in November
06/27/22 - Bailey, Irvin continue sparring as big-money GOP Illinois governor's primary nears end
06/27/22 - Griffin pick faces Trump's choice in Illinois GOP governor race
06/27/22 - Tuesday is a day to exercise your civic duty to vote
06/24/22 - Experts weigh in on how Roe v. Wade ruling will impact future cases
06/23/22 - Rodney Davis and Mary Miller ignore the Jan. 6 committee's findings
06/22/22 - Bipartisan gun safety bill brings 'modest progress,' according to SIU political analyst
06/20/22 - SIU research reveals geographical shift among Democrats and Republicans in IL & U.S.
06/20/22 - Campaign notebook: Simon Paper examines geographical shift and polarization in state politics
06/17/22 - Capitol Cast: Illinois' shifting electoral map
06/17/22 - Dr. John Jackson on WJPF Morning Newswatch to talk about the latest Simon Review paper Biden, Trump, Durbin, and Taxes
06/13/22 - Outside spending dominates in 15th District Republican primary
06/10/22 - Capitol View: GOP gubernatorial debate, down-ballot races, how national politics impact local races
06/10/22 - In Simon Review, an examination of the nationalization of politics: Part 1 and Part 2
06/09/22 - GOP candidates for secretary of state offer contrasting messages in bid for a post their party hasn't held for more than two decades
06/02/22 - Rodney Davis and Mary Miller both tout support of Trump
06/01/22 - As Aurora mayor, Richard Irvin quietly launched firm with a top aide plus two others, who got a city contract
05/31/22 - Is public opinion on gun laws shifting?
05/30/22 - GOP candidates running for U.S. Sen. Tammy Duckworth’s seat face ‘pick your poison dilemma’ in blue Illinois
05/25/22 - Shaw: Calls for gun control legislation won't amount to much
05/24/22 - Paul Simon Institute research tracks Illinois political shift
05/11/22 - Despite robust ad campaign, Richard Irvin doesn't meet the press much
05/11/22 - Events 'turn the tables' on Simon Institute's John Shaw
05/03/22 - Director of Paul Simon Public Policy Institute discusses Supreme Court leaked draft opinion
05/03/22 - Leaked abortion document polarizes southern Illinois residents; may shake up election debates
04/19/22 - Trump's grip on GOP still strong after it withdraws from presidential debate commission, says SIU analyst
04/07/22 - Exit essay: A reflection on more than 50 years of media coverage in the Illinois Statehouse
03/31/22 - Putting a spotlight on restorative justice
03/30/22 - Intelligence Committee chair reflects on Russia's war with Ukraine
03/19/22 - Why uncontested elections in Illinois worry political reformers, experts
03/17/22 - SIU Simon Institute presenter talks about a 'fractured America'
03/16/22 - What SIU students have to say about Biden and the student debt crisis
03/16/22 - SIU professor says fight for voting rights continues
03/09/22 - John Jackson on WJPF Morning Newswatch: Madigan indictment, Ukraine, and more
03/08/22 - Editorial: Springfield's culture is even more important than Madigan indictments
03/05/22 - Where will Madigan fit in Illinois' history of political corruption?
03/04/22 - Will Madigan indictment change Illinois politics? 'We've got a long way to go,' expert says
03/04/22 - Commerical-News Editorial: Restoring a spirit of civility
03/03/22 - Illinois GOP will 'hang Madigan around the neck' of every Democratic campaign this year
02/23/22 - Better Politics, Smarter Government: Return of congressional town halls would be a sign of healing
02/23/22 - Biden's SCOTUS pick may not get much GOP support, says political analyst
02/22/22 - Scholar: The self-taught Lincoln
02/21/22 - On President's Day, SIU lecture looks at Lincoln's legacy as writer
02/18/22 - Richard Irvin's tough-on-crime campaign for governor ignores his years as criminal defense attorney
02/17/22 - John Jackson talks mask mandates and the upcoming election on 'Capitol View'
01/19/22 - Voting rights cloud hangs over Capitol Hill today
01/06/22 - SIU professors react to the January 6 Capitol riots


12/20/21 - Prof: Uphill climb for Bailey, GOP in governor race
12/17/21 - Rural homelessness increases exponentially in 2021
12/10/21 - Jackson: GOP frontrunner for IL governor's race still unclear
12/10/21 - Local news outlets could see boost from federal spending bill that targets community journalism for the first time
11/30/21 - Ruth Simmons at Simon Institute talk: 'We have to get better at race relations'
11/24/21 - Biden oil announcement a 'symbolic move,' says SIU political analyst
11/16/21 - Illinois Rural Health Summit addresses opioid addiction during COVID-19
11/04/21 - Paul Simon Institute hosts author and diplomat Elizabeth Shackelford
10/30/21 - Downstate Illinois carved up in gerrymandered congressional map
10/28/21 - IL lawmakers tackle Right of Conscience Act, abortion as veto session winds down
10/18/21 - Political scientist says congressional maps shift for Bloomington-Normal may help Democrats keep a vulnerable seat
10/18/21 - Paul Simon Institute director looks back at 'iconic' life of the late Colin Powell
10/17/21 - John Jackson discusses redistricting on 'Connected to Chicago'
10/15/21 - Setting up Republicans to lose? Lawmakers, analyst weigh in on proposed congressional maps
10/14/21 - Steve Brown talks to WJPF Morning Newswatch about his 'Simon Review' paper/
10/08/21 - Duckworth's tales
09/28/21 - Taxes: Who's giving vs. who's getting?
09/16/21 - Professor John Jackson is panelist on 'CapitolView'
09/14/21 - Mwilambwe to take part in Paul Simon Policy Institute talk
09/13/21 - Jackson: IL Rep. Davis a 'wild card' as Jesse Sullivan joins governor's race
09/10/21 - Paul Simon Institute offers perspectives on Sept. 11, Afghanistan
09/03/21 - Dr. John Jackson talks about Afghanistan withdrawal on Newsradio WJPF
08/25/21 - Guest View | Jim Edgar and John Shaw: Inaugural Paul Simon-Jim Edgar Award celebrates individual bravery, collective statesmanship
08/17/21 - Shaw: Afghanistan withdrawal a 'sensible' recalculation from President Biden
08/17/21 - Jim Dey | State of Illinois in a state of discord and resentment
08/16/21 - SIU political analyst weighs in on Taliban takeover in Afghanistan
08/16/21 - Local veteran reacts to Afghanistan collapse
08/13/21 - Drop in census population imacts congressional districts and funding
08/13/21 - What's happening with redistricting and why southern Illinois voters tend to feel forgotten
08/11/21 - Surprise recognition brings me back to tears
08/11/21 - Institute Professor Linda Baker is interviewed on 'WTF? Carbondale' podcast
08/11/21 - This data shows Illinois tax dollars benefit downstate more than others. Here are the numbers.
08/10/21 - SIU Simon Institute launches 'Illinois Authors' series
08/01/21 - Institute Director John Shaw is interviewed on 'WTF? Carbondale' podcast
07/29/21 - Institute Visiting Professor John Jackson is interviewed on 'WTF? Carbondale' podcast
07/22/21 - Institute Visiting Professor John Jackson is a panelist on 'Capitol View'
07/20/21 - SIU report shows booting Chicago would leave Illinois poorer
07/13/21 - Study: Chicago splitting from Illinois would be economic disaster
07/13/21 - SIU paper details cannabis economics, long-term health effects in Illinois
07/09/21 - Should Chicago and Southern Illinois split? New research says no
07/08/21 - SIU researchers: Downstate split from Chicago would spell 'economic disaster'
07/07/21 - In talk with Paul Simon Institute, Audra Wilson urges deeper understanding of poverty
06/30/21 - 'A major comeback': Illinois sees first Moody's rating upgrade since Ryan era
06/23/21 - 'The Simon Review' shows southern Illinois heavily benefits from state help
06/23/21 - County clerk concerned about higher election costs under Voter Access Plan
06/18/21 - Newsradio WJPF interview with John Jackson about the Simon Review paper he co-authored, The Politics of Public Budgeting in Illinois
06/15/21 - Cyber attacks on the increase in Illinois
06/09/21 - Eye On Illinois: Good financial news a small part of bigger picture
06/07/21 - Illinois comptroller says state's finances heading in the right direction
06/04/21 - State comptroller says Illinois finances are better, but needs more revenue
06/04/21 - Bill backlog at pre-9/11 level
06/01/21 - Newsradio WJPF interview with John Jackson: A review of Illinois' spring legislative session
05/26/21 - State of Illinois releases proposed redistricting maps
05/26/21 - Local lawmakers want 2020 census data before IL district maps are final
05/21/21 - Metro East could lose congressional seat after census redistricting
05/20/21 - Antihuman-trafficking group is launching Southern Illinois branch
05/20/21 - Simon/Edgar Statesman Award nominations open
05/19/21 - Mental health experts address challenges of care in rural Illinois
05/07/21 - Bailey ad heats up 2022 race for Illinois governor
05/05/21 - John Jackson: Biden's first 100 days, and beyond
05/01/21 - Here are 4 things you should know about redistricting in IL — and why you should care
04/30/21 - Opinion: An invite to all Illinoisans to nominate a statesman or stateswoman
04/30/21 - Watch now: Illinois braces for impact of lost congressional seat/
04/28/21 - Southern Illinois could be target for congressional district loss
04/27/21 - Column: In fairness, a shrinking Illinois should keep its 'unfair' political maps
04/26/21 - Illinois losing 1 Congressional seat after 2020 census
04/26/21 - Illinois to lose member of Congress, one of three states to lose population
04/23/21 - Illinois' Poet Laureate Angela Jackson speaks with Paul Simon Institute
04/22/21 - Illinois poet laureate shares mission and personal story during virtual conversation
04/21/21 - Review of state monuments, statues begins at Statehouse
04/19/21 - Rebuilding the Illinois Republicans: The state GOP has lost its mojo, and it's going to take a major recalibration to rebuild
04/19/21 - Illinois House bill to allow prisoners to vote likely symbolic, says political science expert
04/15/21 - Policy brief outlines health improvement recommendations for an aging population in rural Illinois
04/09/21 - Book Review: 'The Middle Way: How Three Presidents Shaped America's Role in the World'
04/07/21 - Illinois sees extremely low turnout for consolidated election
04/05/21 - Officials explain why municipal elections are important
03/31/21 - Report finds pandemic worsened rural health disparities
03/31/21 - Report says pandemic widens rural disparities in Illinois
03/30/21 - Republicans propose independent redistricting commission
03/26/21 - Eastern Illinois University professor writes new book on American religion
03/25/21 - Yale professor uses southern Illinois town as research for her new book
03/25/21 - Yale professor addresses inequality, Cairo's 'American horror story of oppression' in Simon Institute talk
03/22/21 - A year after his coronavirus shutdown, Gov. J.B. Pritzker will continue to face tough questions over the 'signature issue' of his first term
03/11/21 - Illinois legislative leaders separately discuss redistricting process
03/08/21 - The Spin: On eve of new legislative session, Senate President Harmon says Democrat-controlled state government isn't a cake walk for party
03/08/21 - Illinois Senate returns with leaders from both sides eyeing state's troubled finances, population decline
02/22/21 - Presidential historian writes new book about George Washington
02/18/21 - Watch Now: Lawmakers, political observers reflect on Madigan's downstate legacy
02/15/21 - Simon Institute hosts presidential historian, author Alexis Coe on Friday
02/07/21 - Madigan's iron rule over Southern Illinois gives way to uncertain future under new speaker 
01/30/21 - State universities, community colleges expect more budget cuts
01/30/21 - SIU's Simon Institute to host Pulitzer Prize-winning author, historian Edward Larson
01/28/21 - Biden signs record number of executive order first week in office
01/27/21 - Simon Institute at SIU to host Pulitzer-winning author, historian Edward Larson
01/25/21 - A Generaion of Legislative Leaders Passes from the Scene
01/24/21 - Remembering 'Forgottonia,' noticing new 'secessions'
01/20/21 - Brookings Institution's president will discuss nation's foreign policy challenges
01/20/21 - Watch now: Southern Illinois reflects on Biden inauguration, how to move beyond division
01/20/21 - Experts: Durbin's role in U.S. Senate good for Illinois, may promote harmony in Congress
01/20/21 - Local residents, analysts react to Biden Administration
01/15/21 - Opinion | John T. Shaw: A reflection on Illinois' new speaker of the House, Chris Welch
01/15/21 - Commentary: Reflections give insight into new Illinois House Speaker Chris Welch
01/14/21  - Moving companies report Illinois exodus hits 10th year
01/13/21 - "A watershed moment": Political analyst speaks on IL House Speaker vote
01/08/21 - Southern Illinois lawmakers, experts weigh in on how GOP moves beyond violence at Capitol
01/08/21 - Creator of Sen. Josh Hawley resignation petition explains why
01/07/21 - Former Heartland politicians react to Wednesday riots on Capital Hill
01/05/21 - How the Georgia Senate runoff impacts the Heartland


12/21/20 - Simon Institute virtual talk will look at philanthropy, racial equity and social justice
12/21/20 - Heartland reacts to nearly $900 billion COVID-19 stimulus package
12/18/20 - Nobody seems to give a whit about Illinois
12/16/20 - Yes, you can sometimes beat somebody with nobody
12/10/20 - Simon Institute virtual discussion to examine President Kennedy's enduring appeal
12/03/20 - Acclaimed historian looks at inextricable link between humanity and war
12/03/20 - Former Mexican foreign minister to discuss complex U.S.-Latin American relationship
11/30/20 - Guest Editorial - Celebrating Statesmanship In Illinois
11/27/20 - Jim Edgar and John Shaw: Celebrating statesmanship in Illinois
11/27/20 - Guest View: Celebrating statesmanship in Illinois can help bridge divisions in the Prairie State
11/25/20 - Celebrating statesmanship in Illinois can help bridge the divisions in the Prairie State
11/24/20 - National security expert Eliot Cohen will discuss U.S. foreign policy next week
11/19/20 - Rural Illinois residents voted for Trump, against progressive tax
11/19/20 - Mark Bennett: Voters in Clark, rural Illinois counties back a split from Chicago
11/19/20 - Voice of The Southern: Thumbs down to COVID-19; thumbs up to Jayden Scrubb
11/16/20 - Simon Institute, Edgar Fellows Partner for "Simon-Edgar Award"
11/16/20 - Simon Institute, Edgar partner to award Illinois leaders who embody statesmanship
11/15/20 - Budget cuts expected for Illinois state universities, agencies
11/13/20 - Affordable Health Care safe after high court challenge
11/12/20 - Will the race change? A breakdown of post-election concepts and their effects
11/12/20 - Simon-Edgar Statesmanship Award Announcement
11/09/20 - Simon Institute, former Gov. Edgar join to honor statesmanship
11/09/20 - State Rep. Theresa Mah to discuss career, fall veto session and impact of pandemic
11/07/20 - Former UN World Food Programme director to speak in SIU Simon Institute virtual forum
11/06/20 - Continuing trend set in '16, Republicans in '20 ousted Democratic incumbents around Southern Illinois
11/05/20 - Former U.N. World Food Programme director to discuss pandemic's impact on food supplies
11/04/20 - Illinois Democrats lose last downstate lawmaker
11/04/20 - Progressive income tax amendment heading for defeat
11/04/20 - Illinois Gov. Pritzker's 'Fair Tax' proposal defeated
11/03/20 - River Region Evening Edition interviews Paul Simon Insitute director about election
11/03/20 - Simon Institute's John Jackson Preps for Election 2020 Results
11/03/20 - These voters can voice their opinion on breaking away from Chicago to form 51st state
11/03/20 - SIU political science professors weigh in on election results
11/02/20 - U.S. still seeing effects of voter suppression after over 100 years
11/02/20 - Gov. JB Pritzker might borrow from federal reserve a second time
10/30/20 - Illinois retirees would pay $22482 in state income taxes if "fair tax" targets them
10/29/20 - Extension to host webinar on election's impact on rural America
10/27/20 - Illinois' 13th District Congressional Race Is Nearly Identical To 2018
10/27/20 - Congressional Candidate Miller Sidesteps Debates
10/25/20 - 10 under-the-radar races to watch in November
10/24/20 - Historian, author Margaret MacMillan set to discuss COVID recovery during SIU Simon Institute virtual forum
10/23/20 - Editorial: What nonpartisan redistricting in Illinois would look like
10/23/20 - Let's talk honesty about that supposed 'fair tax'
10/22/20 - SIU Paul Simon Institute director discussed Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett
10/22/20 - No electioneering: What not to do at the polls
10/19/20 - The Illinois income tax: Blame Gov. Richard Ogilvie - voters did
10/19/20 - Fake News: The infodemic
10/16/20 - Voice of The Southern: Graduated tax would benefit Southern Illinois
10/16/20 - The Campaign for Fair Maps in Illinois
10/16/20 - Redistricting will likely cost Illinois a congressional district
10/15/20 - Looking ahead: Here's how you can vote
10/15/20 - Illinois Senate Majority Leader Lightford to discuss career, state issues in virtual forum
10/13/20 - State Senate Majority Leader Lightford to discuss career, state issues
10/09/20 - Illinois' proposed graduated tax amendment fuels debate, spending leading to election
10/09/20 - Richard Haass Offers Ambitious Primer in "The World"
10/09/20 - Illinois Eyes Second Fed Loan If Stimulus, Income-Tax Vote Fail
10/08/20 - Column: Inconvenient truth: Graduated-rate income tax would make it easier to tax certain retirement income. And that's a good thing!
10/08/20 - Democratic Rep. Stephanie Kifowit to run against Madigan
09/30/20 - Weissberg Foundation’s Hanh Le to discuss philanthropy’s role in social change
09/24/20 - Understanding Our New World: virtual forum with Pete Buttigieg
09/24/20 - Pete Buttigieg talks presidential primary run, new book about trust in SIU virtual forum
09/25/20 - Danforth to discuss diplomacy, politics and role of religion in public affairs
09/18/20 - Public Policy Institute To Welcome Buttigieg
09/15/20 - Simon Institute talks will focus on progressive politics, foreign policy challenges
09/11/20 - Former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg highlights Simon Institute’s fall lineup
09/09/20 - Illinois Playbook - Meet the Mayor Event with Leon Rockingham, Jr. 
09/10/20 - Former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg highlights Simon Institute’s fall lineup
09/02/20 - SIU’s Simon Institute launches ‘Meet the Mayor’ series next week
08/19/20 - Former president of Ireland will hold virtual discussion on global challenges
08/13/20 - Former U.N. ambassador, SIU alumnus McHenry to hold virtual discussion
08/06/20 - Workers’ rights advocate to join virtual discussion on nation’s economy
07/29/20 - Illinois House minority leader to discuss health, economic challenges facing state
07/22/20 - Simon Institute to host virtual conversation with Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton
07/13/20 - Former U.S. Ambassador Charles Ray to discuss diplomacy, military service
07/06/20 - Simon Institute virtual discussion will examine philanthropy
07/02/20 - Panetta Discusses COVID-19, Politics, and More in Simon Institute Lecture
07/02/20 - Leon Panetta, former White House Chief of Staff, CIA Director, and Secretary of Defense, Calls for a National Strategy to Confront COVID-19
07/01/20 - Institute Joins Statement to the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
06/27/20 - Former CIA director, U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to speak at SIU online event
06/25/20 - Leon Panetta to discuss U.S. foreign policy, upcoming election
06/12/20 - William J. Burns to discuss renewed American statesmanship, public service
06/09/20 - State Rep. Welch will discuss economic, social and political issues facing Illinois
06/09/20 - Recommended Reading Lists about Illinois - Illinois Playbook - POLITICO
06/07/20 - To renew Illinois, read about Illinois: Prominent Illinoisans recommend 5 books
06/04/20 - U.S. Rep. Darin LaHood to discuss challenges facing Illinois, nation
06/01/20 - Rahm Emanuel to speak in virtual event hosted by SIU's Simon Institute
06/01/20 - Rahm Emanuel to discuss mayoral roles in a global community
05/28/20 - New York Times’ Carl Hulse will share thoughts on nation’s political landscape
05/18/20 - Simon Institute to host Knox College president in virtual talk
05/09/20 - How the Young JFK Processed a Historical Earthquake
05/08/20 - Simon Institute to host former U.N. and Swedish diplomat in virtual talk next week
05/08/20 - Simon Institute Begins "Understanding Our New World" Series
05/05/20 - Simon Institute awards 2020 scholarships honoring former directors
05/04/20 - JFK’s Analysis of Pre-World War II Britain Offers Parallels to Today’s COVID-19 Pandemic
04/28/20 - Lessons To Learn: COVID-19 Illuminates Health Disparities in Illinois
04/24/20 - Simon Institute to host author, historian, David Kennedy in virtual talk
04/21/20 - Simon Institute's Shaw Examines Statesmanship in the COVID-19 Era
04/01/20 - Series of Oral Histories Offers Timely Reflections on Kissinger’s Diplomacy and Leadership
03/31/20 - Op-Ed: How Would a World-Class Statesman in the White House Respond to COVID-19?
03/31/20 - Opinion | John T. Shaw: What a statesman would do
03/18/20 - Biden Adds Illinois To List of Midwestern Primary Blowout Wins
03/17/20 - InFocus: John Jackson on the Illinois Primary
03/13/20 - C-SPAN's The Weekly Podcast with Institute Director John Shaw
02/21/20 - Simon Poll: Bernie leads among likely Democratic voters in Illinois; Trump remains popular downstate
02/20/20 - Sanders leads Democrats in Paul Simon Public Policy Institute poll
02/20/20 - Sanders and Bloomberg leading Illinois primary: poll
02/20/20 - Simon Poll: Pritzker job approval at 51/38, Trump at 39/58, Sanders leads Dem field
02/07/20 - ‘Renewing’ Illinois, statesmanship programs highlight Simon Institute lineup
02/05/20 - What The Delayed Iowa Results Mean For Voters In Illinois And Beyond
01/24/20 - Paul Simon Institute springs into spring 2020
01/23/20 - Shaw, Simon Institute Focus on Statesmanship
01/15/20 - Shaw to discuss restoring statesmanship on international stage 
01/09/20 - Local political expert weighs in on U.S.-Iran tensions


12/03/19 - Poshards’ gift to Simon Institute to take SIU student summit to new heights
12/03/19 - Poshards give $100,000 on Giving Tuesday
12/03/19 - Poshard Gift Benefits Paul Simon Public Policy Institute
11/07/19 - Media Advisory – SIU hosts annual Simon Leadership program this weekend
10/24/19 - Opinion | John T. Shaw: Statesmanship will be urgently needed in the coming months
10/21/19 - Former DOT Secretary Ray LaHood comments on Amtrak’s problems with late arrivals
10/21/19 - Former US congressman who presided over Clinton impeachment speaks at SIU
10/09/19 - Ray LaHood to discuss bipartisanship challenges in a deeply polarized Washington, D.C.
10/08/19 - Illinois Playbook - Pritzker's Numbers
10/03/19 - Award-winning author and activist Temple Grandin speaks at SIU on developing talent
10/03/19 - Temple Grandin Advocates for Education Inclusion
09/30/19 - Temple Grandin to discuss ‘Developing Talents’ in lecture on Thursday
09/27/19 - Political expert answers your questions about the impeachment process
09/25/19 - Local expert weighs in on impeachment proceedings
09/23/19 - Hundreds more tickets open for free Temple Grandin lecture at SIU after a move to a bigger venue
09/18/19 - Pulitzer Prize-winning author, historian David Kennedy to present Morton-Kenney lecture
09/05/19 - U.S. Senate Historian to discuss changing concepts of leadership
08/26/19 - Politics, Money, Civility: Our One on One with John Shaw, director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute
08/26/19 - Leadership challenges facing Illinois, nation highlight Simon Institute fall 2019 lineup
08/01/19 - Meet the people working to kick Chicago out of Illinois
07/31/19 - Simon Institute Releases 12 Year Review of Polling, Analysis
06/01/19 - Burns: U.S. Diplomacy Is Sometimes Thankless but Always Critical Job
05/31/19 - Remembering Richard Lugar and the Lost Art of Statesmanship
04/29/19 - Summit focused on ways to renew Illinois
04/18/19 - Local political expert weighs in on Mueller Report
04/09/19 - Emeritus faculty lecture will look at leadership challenges ahead in Illinois and Washington, D.C
04/05/19 - Morton-Kenney lecture to examine the worldwide increase in civil wars and impact on the United States
04/03/19 - Media Advisory – Springfield forum to focus on women in leadership, public service
03/27/19 - 2019 Simon Institute Callahan, Lane student internships announced
03/15/19 - SIU Carbondale will host student summit aimed at helping revive, rebuild Illinois
03/14/19 - SIUC turns to students to help fix Illinois government
03/11/19 - Former U.S. Ambassador to discuss the need for more civility
03/06/19 - Led by a legendary historian, SIUC looks back at 150 years with birthday book
01/24/19 - McCray, Locher earn Simon Institute awards
01/16/19 - Charting Illinois' future, statesmanship initiatives, speakers lead Simon institute spring 2019 schedule. 


10/19/18 - State political analyst Jim Nowlan will look at Illinois’ past challenges and future opportunities
10/18/18 - Media Advisory – Simon Leadership Weekend Saturday in East St. Louis
10/10/18 - Simon Institute’s John Jackson will speak at Emeritus Faculty program
10/04/18 - Media Advisory –Simon Institute’s John Shaw to discuss new book on Saturday
10/03/18 - Simon Poll shows Pritzker holds lead in November election
09/27/18 - State historian lecture will focus on inspiring leaders in Illinois’ history
09/19/18 - International trade, political expert will discuss the nation’s challenges
08/17/18 - Focus on Illinois’ history highlights Simon Institute fall 2018 lineup
08/10/18 - Simon Institute research shows state funding disparities benefit downstate
07/11/18 - Simon Institute details recommendations to improve political town hall meetings
04/30/18 - Health law conference to address nation’s opioid epidemic
04/17/18 - New York Times’ chief Washington correspondent to share thoughts on current political landscape
04/10/18 - Lecture to examine how sex divides nation’s culture and political debate
04/04/18 - Shaw to discuss career, challenges in journalism, historical writing
03/19/18 - Illinois voters have strong views on major issues facing the state: Simon Poll
03/08/18 - Half of Illinois voters see cuts in government waste, inefficiency as budget solution: Simon Poll
03/07/18 - Oneida Vargas is Simon Institute 2018 Latino Heritage Intern
03/06/18 - Illinois voters unhappy with state's direction; barely influenced by tax cuts: Simon Poll
03/05/18 - 2018 Simon Poll presentation is March 8
03/02/18 - Joshua McCray named Alexander Lane Intern
03/02/18 - Simon Poll: Illinois voters give top political leaders low marks
03/01/18 - Smith, Reinhardt, selected for Callahan internships
02/28/18 - Simon Poll shows Rauner, Pritzker lead in primary elections


11/28/17 - John Shaw tapped to lead Paul Simon Public Policy Institute
10/20/17 - Leadership weekend brings Metro East students together
10/09/17 - Media Availability - U.S. Sen. Richard J. "Dick" Durbin
10/06/17 - Moss earns Simon Institute's Phillips Debate Team Scholarship
10/01/17 - SIU political science internship to honor Barb Brown
09/29/17 - Media Advisory - Simon Leadership Weekend
09/11/17 - SIU's Paul Simon Public Policy Institute finalists named
09/05/17 - Media Advisory - Morton-Kenney Public Affairs Lecture
08/25/17 - Institute Visiting Scholar to Offer Testimony on Human Trafficking - POSTPONED
05/01/17 - Poll explores public’s awareness of human trafficking
04/28/17 - Simon Institute’s 20th-anniversary event features Jim Edgar
04/27/17 - Institute Sponsors Latino Legislative Civic Education Day
04/19/17 - Debater finishes in top 10 at national championship
04/07/17 - Media Advisory – Youth Government Day
04/07/17 - Political expert to discuss 2016 presidential election
04/04/17 - Tichenor to speak at spring meeting
03/27/17 - Poll: Large majority of voters back marijuana legalization, decriminalization
03/24/17 - Poll: Half of Illinois voters want to keep Obamacare
03/15/17 - Lyles named one of 25 ‘Law School Students of the Year’
03/15/17 - Poll: Majority of voters disapprove of job being done by Rauner, Madigan
02/22/17 - Alumna returns to discuss her work in Washington
02/21/17 - Conference will explore fair school funding
02/10/17 - Presentation on Alexander Lane is Feb. 16
02/07/17 - Spring program marks Simon Institute’s 20th anniversary
01/23/17 - Nonprofit organization management training available
01/23/17 - Travis Washington named Alexander Lane Intern
01/20/17 - Simon Institute selects Jacob Selsor for internship
01/17/17 - Simon Institute recognizes students


12/20/16 - Media Advisory -- UN Secretary-General’s Visit
11/14/16 - Panel discussion will focus on 2016 election results
10/21/16 - Institute to host discussion of polls, campaigns
10/20/16 - Tichenor named interim director of Simon institute
10/18/16 - Media Advisory -- Steven Ellis
10/12/16 - Simon Poll: Illinois voters offer different views of state budget crisis
10/10/16 - Poll: Illinois voters divided over remaining in the state
10/06/16 - Media Advisory -- Simon Leadership Weekend
10/05/16 - Poll: Gas tax ‘lockbox,’ term limits, independent redistricting draw big support
10/04/16 - Simon Poll: Clinton, Duckworth hold leads in Illinois
09/19/16 - Simon Institute director to discuss ‘Campaign 2016’
09/12/16 - Presentation focuses on campaign finance reform
09/08/16 - Award-winning journalist to speak on campus
06/24/16 - SIU hosting student leaders from Central Asia
04/06/16 - SIU debaters to face off in campus exhibition
04/04/16 - Media Advisory – Inaugural Energy Day
03/18/16 - U.S. agriculture secretary to speak at SIU
03/09/16 - Poll: Illinois voters favor legislative redistricting changes
03/09/16 - Illinois to hold ‘big primaries for both parties’
03/07/16 - Poll: Voters support medical marijuana, split on casual use
03/04/16 - Shantel Franklin named Alexander Lane intern
03/03/16 - Poll: Illinois voters split on Rauner
03/02/16 - Ryan Gougis named Callahan intern
03/01/16 - Review of Simon institute polls set for March 8
02/23/16 -
Poll: Kirk, Duckworth lead U.S. Senate primaries
02/22/16 - Simon Poll: Clinton, Trump lead in Illinois
02/10/16 - Illinois official to discuss state of economy
01/25/16 - Yepsen, Jackson to analyze Iowa caucus results


11/10/15 - Institute to host presidential election luncheon
11/09/15 - Scholar to discuss U.S. policy in the Middle East
10/29/15 - Region supports bobcat hunting/trapping law
10/28/15 - Illinois House minority leader to visit campus
10/22/15 - Media Advisory - Simon Leadership Weekend
10/19/15 - Poll: Region's opposition to fracking is growing
10/15/15 - Poll: Budget impasse starts to affect region
09/16/15 - ‘Never the Same’ to be shown again on Sept. 29
09/11/15 - University to host Illinois lieutenant governor
09/11/15 - Moore to deliver Distinguished Speaker Series lecture
08/28/15 - Luechtefeld to receive Dunn Public Service Award
08/19/15 - Loretta Swit to attend documentary’s premiere
06/15/15 - Conference to focus on legal issues veterans face
05/08/15 - Trasviña named to Paul Simon Institute Board
04/30/15 - Poll: Majority of voters support same-sex marriage
04/20/15 - Poll: VA access is veterans’ greatest challenge
04/20/15 - Illinois Policy Institute CEO to visit region
03/31/15 - Lecture will explore role of faith in politics
03/30/15 - Poll: Illinois voters wary of fracking
03/26/15 - Poll: Illinois voters mixed on state revenue ideas
03/23/15 - Rep. Clyburn to discuss voting rights issues
03/23/15 - Poll: More revenue part of state’s budget solution
03/20/15 - Felicia Norwood to deliver Jeanne Simon lecture
03/20/15 - Poll: Rauner’s job approval rating at 36.5 percent
02/12/15 - Poet Nikki Giovanni’s Feb. 19 lecture canceled
02/02/15 - Historian to discuss letters on Thomas nomination
01/27/15 - Costello, Trover named to Institute board
01/21/15 - David Axelrod to present Morton-Kenney Lecture
01/13/15 - Brione Lockett named Alexander Lane Intern
01/06/15 - Miller receives internship honoring Callahan


10/17/14 - Poll: Illinois gubernatorial race ‘tied’
10/16/14 - Talk will examine Champaign’s revitalization
10/15/14 - Media Availability – Dan Long
10/10/14 - Expert to discuss state’s economic/budget issues
10/06/14 - Media Availability – Dolores Huerta
09/26/14 - Whitley to discuss businesses’ policy agenda
09/24/14 - Building a ‘creative’ economy is focus of lecture
09/19/14 - Series to explore income disparity gap
09/16/14 - Media Availability – Simon Institute Events
09/08/14 - Lecture will examine world’s water challenges
09/02/14 - Online access to Simon Institute polls available
08/27/14 - Institute program to focus on politics, candidates
06/30/14 - University is hosting 20 central Asia students
06/09/14 - Conference will focus on child welfare
05/22/14 - Discussion will focus on child welfare