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09/27/23 - Institute Director John Shaw joings Joan Esposito on WCPT 820
09/27/23 - NewsRadio WJPF interview with John Jackson
09/22/23 - What will chane at Fox News now that Rupert Murdoch is stepping down? Local political expert weights in
09/23/23 - Illinois lawmakers warn that a government shutdown would ripple through the state
09/22/23 - Media mogul Rupert Murdoch steps from Fox, News Corp
09/21/23 - SIU media, political experts: Murdoch's empire remains strong as he steps aside
09/20/23 - A conversation with former U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos
09/18/23 - Democrats look to make downstate gains while Republicans go after Chicago suburbs in 2024
09/12/23 - Illinois State Treasurer makes stop in Carbondale
09/04/23 - Paul Simon Institute to celebrate 25 years with Chicago event
08/29/23 - Mayor Carolin Harvey shares her vision at SIU's Paul Simon Institute
08/24/24 - Local experts share what you can do to be a well-informed voter ahead of November's election
08/24/24 - Vivek Ramaswamy was the focus of the first GOP Presidential debate
08/22/23 - SIU debate/political experts: GOP presidential debate a change to break out
08/21/23 - Sen. Durbin to meet with SIU Students Friday
08/10/23 - Jesse White receive 2023 Simon-Edgar Statesmanship Award
08/05/23 - Opinion | John T. Shaw: Finding candor, compassion, and fun in politics
08/02/23 - Local Political Expert On Latest Trump Indictment
08/02/23 - SIU political experts: Latest Trump indictment presents new challenge for the nation
07/27/23 - Detroit Today: Should Detroit rename Hart Plaza to MLK Jr. Plaza?
07/27/23 - GOP Presidential Candidates Gear Up for August Debate - Trump's Status and Potential Vice Presidential Picks Discussed
07/28/23 - SIU's Carol Greenlee selected as a 2023 Edgar Fellow
07/11/23 - Former editor-in-chief of Buzzfeed News chronicles the rise of digital journalism
07/07/23 - SIU political experts: Politics playing a role in where people choose to live
07/05/23 - SIU politics expert expects a hotly contested race for the GOP nomination in Illinois' 12th District
06/30/23 - Life lessons for recent graduates, and everyone else
06/19/23 - Spoiler or contender? Third party ticket could enter race for U.S. President in 2024
06/05/23 - SIU political experts: Trump has the edge in expanding GOP presidential hopeful field
05/18/23 - WSIU's Jennifer Fuller sits down with NYT Washington Correspondent Carl Hulse
05/12/23 - Inviting Illinoisans to identify statesmanship
05/05/23 - Arlington Heights student to host speakers' series on Bears' possible move to town
05/05/23 - Dr. John Jackson from SIU's Paul Simon Public Policy Institute joins The Morning Newswatch
05/05/23 - Professor John Shaw discusses the importance of mentorship
04/29/23 - John Shaw: I urge my students to find mentors who show them how to live by example
04/25/23 - SIU's Simon Institute launches "Rising Stars in Illinois Politics"
04/04/23 - Race for Chicago Mayor - Statewide Impact
03/31/23 - Chicago mayor important statewide
03/22/23 - SIU experts can discuss possible indictment of former President Trump
03/08/23 - Paul Simon Democracy Prize for students at SIUC
03/02/23 - Simon Institute will offer "Paul Simon Democracy Prize" starting this year
02/28/23 - SIU's Paul Simon Institute seeks Illinois college students to revitalize democracy
02/23/23 - Pritzker lands foil in DeSantis