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Each year the Institute generates an annual report, ocassional papers, and other materials available via print and online resources.

These efforts are committments to developing and working to implement approaches that could bring concrete, positive results in tackling some of the most difficult challenges in the public policy arena.

The Simon Review

The Institute's occasional paper series that examines and explores policy issues within the scope of the Institute’s mission and in the tradition of the University. 

Explore our series of 50+ academic public policy papers.

Year in Review

The Institute publishes an annual report highlighting the Institute's accomplishments and students. 

Review past events/projects and take a look into our 20+ years as an Institute.

The Essential Paul Simon

Interested in Sen. Paul Simon's greatest writings? Check out The Essential Paul Simon - Timeless Lessons for Today's Politics written by Dr. John Jackson in 2012.

The book explores some of Paul's most relevant and practical writings that still resonate throughout politics and new conflicts today.

Restoring American Statesmanship: A Citizen's Guide

Restoring American Statesmanship: A Citizen's Guide, written by Institute Director John T. Shaw, offers a working definition of statesmanship, identifies its essential qualities, provides more than a dozen examples from American history, acknowledges current barriers to statesmanship, and suggests ways to re-establish statesmanship as an aspiration and goal in American political life.

Graduate Student Papers

Papers written by graduate students affiliated with the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute explore public policy issues through an academic framework.