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What's in the Water in Illinois? Ethics and Reform Symposium on Illinois Government

Conference Agenda

Academic Papers from "What's in the Water in Illinois?" Ethics and Reform Symposium, September 2012

Foreword by David Yepsen & Introduction by John S. Jackson

Papers Given at the Conference

  1. Charles Leonard, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, “Paul Simon Public Policy Institute White Paper: The 2012 Simon Poll on Ethics and Reform in Illinois.”
  2. Dick Simpson, University of Illinois at Chicago, “Chicago and Illinois: Leading the Pack on Corruption.”
  3. Jim Nowlan, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, “Corruption in Illinois: An Enduring Tradition.”
  4. David Hamilton and Dwight Gard, Texas Tech University, “Politics in Small Town Illinois: Is It Similar to Chicago and Illinois State Government.”
  5. Raymond Scheele, Joe Losco, and Steven Hall, Ball State University, “The Illinois Culture of Corruption and Comparisons with Indiana.”
  6. Michael G. Miller, University of Illinois Springfield, “Public Education Funding after McComish.”
  7. Scott A. Comparato, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, “On the Challenges Facing State Supreme Courts; Campaign Finance, Judicial Speech and the Appearance of Impartiality.”
  8. Timothy Krebs, University of New Mexico and Fraser S.Turner, Loyola University Chicago, “Campaign Finance Reform in Illinois: An Examination of the 2011 Chicago Mayoral Election.”
  9. James L. Merriner, Writer and Editor, Chicago, “Undoing Reform: Personal PAC v. State Board of Elections.”
  10. Richard F. Winters, Dartmouth College, “Unique of Typical: Political Corruption in the American States…and in Illinois.”
  11. Robert F. Rich, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, “Public Learning: Transforming Beliefs and Attitudes.”
  12. Cynthia Canary, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Task Force on Ethics, City of Chicago and Kent Redfield, University of Illinois Springfield, “Lessons Learned: What the successes and failures of recent reform efforts tell us about the prospects for political reform in Illinois.”

Papers Accepted for the Proceedings

  1. Ryan Burge, Eastern Illinois University, “The Effect of Religion and Demographics on Support of Reform Proposals.”
  2. Earl Hopewell, CPA, Chicago, “Investigating the Invested Employee: The other side of the fraud equation within the State of Illinois.”
  3. Chang Sup Park, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, “How the Media Frame Political Corruption: Episodic and Thematic Frame Stories Found in Illinois Newspapers.”
  4. Maya Pillai, University of Chicago and South Asian American Policy and Research Institute, Chicago, “Social Capital in Illinois: Potential and Pitfalls.”
  5. Lillard E. Richardson, University of Missouri-Columbia,”Political Corruption and Its Effects on Civic Involvement.”
  6. Dante Scala, University of New Hampshire, “Toward a Typology of Super PACs.”
  7. Leah Williams, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, “How Rod Blagojevich Manipulated the Media Before, During and After His Federal Trials.”



  1. Michael Josephson, Founder and President, The Josephson Institute of Ethics, 
    “The Problems of Ethics in Government.”
  2. Peggy Kerns and Natalie Wood, Center for Ethics in Government, “National Conference of State Legislatures Presentation.”
  3. Paul Green, Roosevelt University; Brian Gladstein, Illinois Campaign for Political Reform; Andy Shaw, Better Government Association; Brad McMillan, Center for Principled Leadership; Terry Pastika, Citizen Advocacy;, Panel 1 – “What Have Been the Problems in Illinois and How Should We Fix Them: Where Do We Go From Here?”
  4. Linda Baker, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute; Dick Simpson, University of Illinois-Chicago; Richard Winters, Dartmouth College; Jim Nowlan, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; David Hamilton and Dwight Gard; Texas Tech University; Raymond Scheele and Joe Losco, Ball State University;, Panel 2 – “Academic Papers and Discussion.”
  5. John S. Jackson, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute; Michael Miller, University of Illinois-Springfield; Scott Comparato, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Timothy Krebs, University of New Mexico; Fraser S. Turner, Loyola University- Chicago; James Merriner, writer and editor;, Panel 3- “Academic Papers Discussion Continued.”
  6. Mike Lawrence, retired director Paul Simon Public Policy Institute; Kent Redfield, University of Illinois-Springfield; Cindi Canary, Chair of City of Chicago Ethics Reform Task Force and Former Director of the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform; Robert F. Rich, University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign; Natalie Wood and Peggy Kerns, National Conference of State Legislatures; Chris Mooney, University of Illinois-Springfield;, Panel 4 – “The Policy Change Panel: What is to be Done?