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Renewing Illinois Summit
The Institute's inaugural "Renewing Illinois" summit participants at SIU. The summit featured Illinois university students from eight public universities in Illinois. These students collaborated and developed a report that addresses action items for Illinois. 
Harriet Elam-Thomas
Former U.S. Ambassador Harriet Elam-Thomas spoke to SIU students and community members on the importance of civility in government as one of our first speakers for our Statesmanship Initiative.
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LaToya Greenwood
Illinois Rep. LaToya Greenwood met with SIU students and community members during one of the Institute's spring "Pizza and Politics" events. 

Better Politics, Smarter Government

We believe in bringing together public service leaders, our community, and students to carry on Paul Simon’s vision of making a difference in the society we live in. 

Through three signature programs under Better Politics, Smarter Government we are raising the Institute’s profile in Illinois and across the country and promoting rigorous analysis, civil discourse, and constructive careers in public service.

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About U.S. Senator Simon


Learn more about the late U.S. Senator and founder of our Institute.

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Public Opinion Polling


The Simon PollTM is our annual state-wide poll exploring what Illinois citizens think about today’s issues.

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