Redistricting in Illinois

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Who Holds the Crayons? How Other States Draw Their Legislative District Lines
 - a symposium by the Institute, held April 2013

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Simon Review #35

There's Nothing Fair About the Illinois Map: An Examination of the Reapportionment Process in Illinois - Craig Curtis, Bradley University; Brad McMillan - Bradley University; Don Racheter - Public Interest Institute (Iowa)

Campaign Finance Reform in the Wake of Citizens United - Emily Carroll, Graduate Research Fellow - Paul Simon Public Policy Institute

How to Draw Redistricting Plans That Will Stand Up in Court - Peter Wattson, former Secretary of the Senate of Minnesota

Presentations (Powerpoint)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Preclearance - Colleen Mathis, Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission

Redistricting, Reapportionment and Reform - Morgan Cullen, National Conference of State Legislatures

The 2012 Redistricting in Florida: The More Things Change... - Seth McKee, University of South Florida

The Garden State Model? Redistricting Commissions and the New Jersey Experience - Nicholas Stephanopoulos, University of Chicago Law School

Illinois Voters and Map Reform - Charles Leonard, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Better Maps for Illinois - Peter S. Wattson, former Secretary of Senate of Minnesota

Symposium Transcripts for all Panels (PDF)