Term Limits for Illinois - Would They Work?

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Jim Edgar speaking about term limits for Illinois

In April 2014, the Institute co-sponsored an event with the Better Government Association, examining the topic of whether term limits in Illinois government would work. 

“Legislative term limits have long been a popular response to perceived corruption or inaction in politics. Almost eight in ten (78.7 percent) favor, and more than half (54.0 percent) strongly favor a proposal to limit state representatives to five consecutive terms and state senators to three consecutive terms.”

“Less drastic is a proposal to limit how long legislators can serve in leadership positions, such as Speaker of the House or President of the Senate. This has been just as popular in the three years we have been testing it; this year more than half (53.8 percent) strongly favor and another quarter (24.1 percent) somewhat favor legislative leadership term limits.”

The 2012 Simon Poll on Ethics and Reform in Illinois


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