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Martin Simon

As approved by the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University, the principal responsibilities of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute Board of Counselors include:

  • Make a recommendation to the president of the university regarding the hiring, and if necessary, the termination of the institute's director; and,
  • Meet at least once per year to review the institute's progress regarding programmatic and fiscal performance and its fidelity to Paul Simon's mandate of a bipartisan approach to its undertakings.

The Board shall consist of 16 voting members:  Nine at-large members nominated by the board itself, two members of the Simon family chosen by the family, one member appointed by the chair of the Illinois State Republican Party,  one member appointed by the Illinois State Democratic Party and the previous past director.  The Board shall also have two voting ex-officio members: The chancellor of the university and the vice chancellor of institutional advancement of the university.

The Board of Counselors are:

Nancy Chen (member at-large)
Ross Glickman (State Democratic Party appointment)
Brennan Knop (Simon family)
Carlo Montemagno (ex officio member, SIU Carbondale Chancellor)
Bill Norwood (member at-large)
Vicki Otten (member at-large)
Howard Peters (member at-large)
James Salmo (ex officio member, Vice Chancellor for Development & Alumni Relations)
Martin Simon (Simon family) - Chair of the Board
Lucy Sloan (member at-large)
John Trasviña (member at-large) 
Lance Trover (State Republican Party appointment)
Paula Wolff (member at-large)
David Yepsen (previous past director)
Vacant (member at-large)
Vacant (member at-large)